Okay, now you've found me! If you for some strange reason should be interested, then here is some info about the ugly dude in front of you.

The name I listen to is Magnus Borg, and considering that in really old sci-fi movies, the evil AI computer often was named Magnus, and all Star-Trek viewers get the chills when they meet the infamous 'Borgs' I think I've got a pretty scary name! But don't worry, I'm really not that bad ;).

I have studied programming, systemeering and computer-science for a few years, but most of my computer-related skills ( what skills you wonder ;) ) are self-taught.

The 3D-Castle project started a long time ago as a way of combining my interest for 3d graphics with making interactive websites. That was at the time when websites like this one was considered very bandwidth demanding since most people had only 56k modem connections or even worse. Not much development of the site for quite a while now due to lack of interest and some health problems so don't expect any larger castle than this little cottage, sorry ;)

Those of you who have visited the 3D-Castle might think that I'm some kind of history-freak who collects art and listen to classical music all day?! Sorry to disappoint you but this couldn't be further from reality! The only art that hang on my walls are some cheap replicas of artists like Dali, Miro and Kandinsky and when I turn up the volume I mostly torture the neighbours with pop/rock like U2 or the swedish band Kent or blues and heavy metal from the 80's,like Gary Moore, Judas Priest, AC/DC, DIO, Def Leppard and a few more.. When I'm working or training I often have my mobilephone loaded with a mix of all these bands.

If you happen to be in Gothenburg, Sweden during summer and see a skinny looking dude in a wheelchair with the mp3player plugged into his ears or sitting down by the harbour enjoying the sun and smell of water it may likely be yours truly ;). What about winter? Then I feel mostly miserable and cold, hoping that winter will pass at least as quickly as summer always does, wishing a beautiful woman would violate my privacy, keep me warm and maybe even force me outdoors (unlikely but happens on rare occasions) ;) Why the wheels? Managed to break my neck at level c4-c5 some years ago when making a very impressive dive into not so very deep water! The first years after the accident I was an incomplete quadraplegic and pretty much independent but then I managed to attract every remotely possible complications and I'm now the owner of one of the worlds most surgically altered necks and no longer as independent as I would like to be due to decreased muscle function and a whole lot of pain.

Favourite interests are photography, music, movies, quiz shows, sports, sci-fi, wildlife, Animal Planet & Discovery channel, especially programs about travelling, aviation, hi-tech, scientific and medical breakthrough and ancient history. I love animals, cats and dogs in particular which seriously made me consider becoming a veterinarian a long time ago. You can enjoy close-up pictures of the family's cat in the photos section. I'm afraid my beloved little friend will not be able to model for me any more since he's been missing for a while but he had the best of lives and I'm sure he is waiting for me to join him in another world some day.

Now and then I enjoy having discussions about the meaning of life, where we come from and where we're heading in the future, if we still have one considering the way we're treating each other. What is wrong with the human race?! While third world countries suffer from war conflicts, poverty, starvation, child labor and sex slaves, human trafficking and aids many of us in the rich countries are eating, drinking and smoking ourselves to an early death! Instead of changing the way we live and what we poison ourselves and the surrounding environment with we are spending ever more money to find the magic medicins that will keep us alive well enough to keep up the good life. The global warming is frightening and while we figure out if the main cause is the sun's increasing radiation or if we are to blame, most likely it's a combination of both, we should do next generations a favour and play it safe so atleast we don't add further to an already bad enough situation.

It's been a while since I updated this info page. I have developed an ever growing fascination for the art of photography during the years and I share quite a few images online on websites like Flickr. If you want to buy some of my best photos look at the links below.

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